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Airport Takes Measures to Protect Women and Children – Men Are On Their Own

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok has reserved an entire floor of one of its parking garages for women who travel alone or who are traveling with a child under 12. This begs the question, how many women and children are being attacked in the airport’s parking lot that a need was felt to reserve a separate section for this?

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We’re All Going To Die! Probably While Traveling

In this 24-hour-news-cycle world there are no shortage of theoretical events of which you should be terrified at the very prospect. So, it’s surprising that we haven’t heard more about the EXTREME LIKELIHOOD OF CATCHING THE LAST DISEASE YOU WILL EVER CATCH ON YOUR NEXT FLIGHT!

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Stubbies, Singlets and a Thong

Stubbies, Singlets and a Thong … sort of sounds like the name of a musical group, or maybe a clue on “The Pyramid” (“Things you wouldn’t want to purchase at a consignment store!”). This trifecta of fashion apparel was mentioned on this thread at the Australian Frequent Flyer forums. Full disclosure, I had to Google…

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