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A Not-So-Special Elite Level

Some airlines and hotels offer special “invite-only” elite levels to their most valuable and loyal customers. Members who are invited to these super elite levels typically enjoy even more privileges – maybe a dedicated phone line, or special gifts. Marriott is one program that offers an invite-only elite level – Platinum Premier. And what do…

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Cities with the Best Public Transportation

Rating nearly anything related to travel is difficult. The recently concluded Freddie Awards is a great example. Most travelers, even very frequent travelers, don’t have experience with the majority of the various airline and hotel programs and so for anyone to say Program A is better than Program B is really tough. But that doesn’t…

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Who Says a Study Has To Be Scientific

A new ThreadTripping study reveals astounding evidence that March and April are the worst months for peanut allergy sufferers. The evidence? This thread on FlyerTalk in which flyers describe various in-flight peanut announcements. It is a truly amazing thread in that it started in March 2013, went strong for several days, then went quiet until CMK10 posted to…

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Emirates: Customer Service You Can Count On

You don’t have to be a customer service expert to know that if a company’s customers are compiling photographic evidence of service issues expressly because they believe the company in question will call them liars unless they have proof, well, that company has a customer service problem. Emirates, based off of a thread started by m3red on…

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