A Scary Landing … And a Good Time Was Had By All

August 21, 2014 must have been a record-setting slow news day in Manchester, England.

While perusing the Australian Frequent Flyer forums, I came upon this thread, which linked to a story in the Manchester Evening News about a couple whose honeymoon was ruined by a scary landing.

Liz and David Garratt were returning from their dream holiday to Rome when they say their Jet2-com plane ‘surged’ back into the air just before touch-down.


Passengers waited for an explanation over the manoeuvre- called a ‘go-around’ – which they say crew blamed on an A380 taking off at the airport.

If you are waiting for the scary part, that’s it folks. Oh, there are a few more breathless quotes contained in the story, but the long and the short of it was that they pulled up, went around and landed safely.

I’ve had scarier set downs in a Jet2 lav.

After hearing of this complaint the pilot did eventually offer an apology to all of the passengers … for landing safely in Manchester. (haha, you see, Manchester is not an attractive city)

My apologies, I just finished watching a marathon of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog videos on YouTube.

But if you think my reaction to this story is in bad taste, wait until you get a load of what some of the commenters on the article and the thread have to say:

Ruined your holiday? Get a grip. You landed safe and well enough to complain and look for a freebie! The airline should ask YOU for money for the extra fuel it used to keep you safe! ~Chris Roberts

sounds like a couple of embarrassing whiners after a free holiday, Get a life ~lescberry

…if a simple go-around is enough to ruin an entire honeymoon, then something tells me it was simply the icing on the cake and they should perhaps re-evaluate their honeymoon. ~harvyk

They live in Manchester. There is a whole lot more to be terrified about in Manchester than a go-around. ~Captain Halliday

It’s easy to poke fun, but I actually quite like this story. It reminds me of reading old copies of the Larned, Kansas Tiller and Toiler newspaper. Larned is a very small town where my parents were raised, and contained “stories” along the lines of “The Cox’s visited family in Topeka last week. Their Aunt Margaret fixed up mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches and a good time was had by all.”

You just can’t get news like that anymore.

Then again, maybe you can … in Manchester.

Read the thread in its entirety: Honeymoon Ruined !!

Image: “Jet 2 Boeing 737-300” by Aero Icarus. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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