I Seen a Horse Fly, I Seen a House Fly…

But I ain’t never seen a Moon Boot fly.

Then again, perhaps I’m misunderstanding mrs.dr.ron when she asks if anyone has ever flown in a moon boot.

There are only 4-5 posts in this thread at the time of this writing, most of which fall into the category of “What the hell happened to your leg?” (Spoiler Alert: She broke it). In fact, in all honesty, I really am only featuring it because the visual of flying in a moon boot made me smile.

Having said that, if you have any advice for mrs.dr.ron I’m sure she would be appreciative.

And what good is it to be married to dr.ron if he can’t prescribe you some pain relievers for the trip.

Image by NASA / Buzz Aldrin (NASA (original upload; ALSJ (AS11-40-5877))) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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