The Best In-Flight Magazines

One of the dwindling number of niches in which you still find an abundance of print magazines is travel. And, in particular, in-flight magazines.

In this relatively short discussion at the time of this writing, frequent flyers discuss which airlines offer the best in-flight magazines and more generally, which travel mags are best to read in-flight.

Mine is United’s Hemispheres…. Departments include Ask the Pilot. … I look out for articles as well as advertisements where I catch new products. The network map(s) also provide knowledge. ~Foreigner

It’s not an airline’s own magazine, but SQ usually have a copy of Business Traveller Asia kicking about, which I’ll usually read cover to cover on a flight. ~riarosa

Hana Hou on Hawaiian – gets you in the mood as soon as you go onboard ~paulthegolfer

Not a “true” inflight magazine, but i do love looking through the Skymall magazine on AA. Some parts take me back to my childhood and the K-Tel ad’s ~leadman

Which airline publishes your favorite in-flight magazine.

And a related question: Will in-flight magazines published by airlines soon become a thing of the past – a victim of mobile technology and onboard wifi? My guess, we will continue to see in-flight magazines right up to point when the income from advertisers no longer exceeds the publication costs – and that probably won’t occur for several more years, if ever.

Read the thread in its entirety: Your favourite Inflight Magazine

Image: “In-Flight Magazine” by Hideyuki KAMON. CC BY-SA 2.0.


  1. I am ashamed to admit it, but Ryanair’s is surprisingly good.

    The worst I have seen is without question Air Malta’s blend of recycled articles and advertorials. There must be at least 10 articles per edition telling you what a “great place to invest in property” Malta is.

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