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Southwest Feels Pretty … Coy

On Dec. 17, Southwest Airlines posted a teaser on its “Nuts About Southwest” blog: Could it be? Yes, it could. Something’s coming, something good, If I can wait……… Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is, But it is Gonna be great! And since Dec. 17 FlyerTalkers have been trying to guess what this could…

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For the Love of Christmas

At the risk of sounding all bah-humbug, I can’t help but observe that the following two threads on Milepoint – while very different in purpose – appear to me to possess some eerily similarities. Scams, Touts and Cons: Tourists traps and other travel warnings Christmas Markets Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere, and they find tourists particularly…

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It’s a Virgin, But It’s In Beta

Truth be told, this conversation on the V-Flyer forums isn’t all that special. In fact, it’s downright dull. But I had to give props because it made me aware of a site I hadn’t heard of previously – This is really something folks. You enter your departure city, your destination city and your dates…

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