Stubbies, Singlets and a Thong

Stubbies, Singlets and a Thong … sort of sounds like the name of a musical group, or maybe a clue on “The Pyramid” (“Things you wouldn’t want to purchase at a consignment store!”).

This trifecta of fashion apparel was mentioned on this thread at the Australian Frequent Flyer forums. Full disclosure, I had to Google the terms to learn to what they referred in Australian – minus the thongs of course, those translate internationally. It seems stubbies are essentially 70s-style short, shorts. And singlets are tight fitting tank tops.

And evidently this is the kind of attire that is allowed in a Qantas Club lounge. Or at least member 11sjw didn’t see someone who was dressed in a similar fashion getting asked to leave.

The thread began in 2011 and is quite long, and I’ll admit I didn’t read every post. But for my money you would be hard-pressed to top russ’s post #3 on the thread, which reads as follows:

I think you need to be more culturally sensitive. Stubbies, singlets and thongs is considered to be smart casual in Queensland.

Up here in the Northern Territory, stubbies, singlets and thongs is considered appropriate business attire, but only if business thongs are worn.

Naturally when going out at night we wear dress thongs.

Who knew so much could be learned about Australia from one innocuous thread about club lounges.

Image by photo&co derivative work: Aditya [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Thanks. Now I can remove one more item from the very long list of “things I didn’t know about Australia.” Of course, had I known that the gratuitous photo would have been significantly less gratuitous.

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