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“Regular kid-loud” Too Much for Some Passengers

I’m not a big fan of traveling on an airplane on which are also traveling children. But I understand that traveling with the little ones isn’t easy for the parents either … even though it is their fault that we are all on the airplane, and the earth for that matter, with these dirty little rugrats.

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The Great Reclining Seat Debate Still as Entertaining as Ever

Some problems are exceptionally difficult to solve. And then there are problems that seem like they should be relatively easy to address, but never actually do get solved. Like, for example, the problem of airline seat recline and how it should be handled by passengers.

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Naked or Not, I’m Coming In

There are first-world problems … and then there are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. Feeling a bit uncomfortable when the hotel housekeeper demands to clean your room while you are still in it is a Class 1 first-world problem. Returning to your room after a short trip to the front desk to find the door propped open, the housekeeper busily cleaning away, and your wife still unaware in the shower – that has to rate at least a Class 5!

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