A Touching Tribute to the Points We’ve Known and Lost

If you are the type that finds yourself crying at “sad” commercials, Grant’s – of Travel with Grant – eulogy for the beloved but little-known Plink service might not be for you.

Grant takes us from his introduction to Plink, through the good times and the hardships he and Plink shared. And inevitably brings us right up to Plink’s recent demise, and Grant’s feelings about the loss:

You were a good friend, Plink, and I wish you could have made it. You were too ahead of the times and just couldn’t keep the cash coming in consistently. I hope a new start up with Plink’s concept comes around and fills the void in our heart/points community.


RIP Plink.

Damnit – now I have to go grab a kleenex. Thanks a lot Grant.

Of course, not everyone is as sentimental about the death of Plink.

Not sure why you would be harvesting Plink pesos when they could be shutdown at any moment. I don’t understand why people have a hard time of understanding that you always redeem when you have a chance because its not like the e-gift card values expire. ~Eric

What really annoys me is Plink’s lack of transparency and honesty this past year, plus the excuses they gave for running out of rewards: that they were “investigating some unusual Plinking/redemption patterns” so they couldn’t pay out its members. They’d rather make us Plinkers feel like one of us was doing something sketchy and abusing the program rather than owning up to their own shortcomings. That’s a nasty and lowlife scumbag way of doing business, IMO. ~CK

Read the post and comments in their entirety: Plink Quietly Closes its Doors Today and a Look Back at Plink’s Journey

And if you are in the mood for a couple of good “commercial” cries, enjoy these two classics:

Image: “Asbury Park Eulogy in Grafitti” by Jackie. CC BY 2.0.


  1. Glad you liked the post. I was like the 4th BA/P2B blogger to write about Plink’s death, but I knew more should be said than just what was shared on Plink’s homepage. I have yet to see a similar post about Amazon Payments…

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