Everyone is Doing the Hotel Hustle … Or At Least They Should Be

Fellow BoardingArea blogger Seth, aka The Wandering Aramean, recently posted on Milepoint about a cool new hotel search application he has developed called Hotel Hustle. Here’s how he describes the tool:

Searching one chain for hotel awards is easy enough: Go to the site, enter your destination and hope something comes up. But what if you have points in lots of programs? That’s a lot of searches. And how do you compare the points required to know which award room is the best deal relative to the cash price being asked? Let Hotel Hustle handle those details for you.

This is an ambitious project and still in its infancy, but it already shows much promise. And as more hotel brands are added and more searches performed I expect Seth, being the big data number cruncher he is, will uncover some interesting finds as to which hotel chains tend to offer the best value in various regions.

But to get to that point Hotel Hustle needs people to use it, so as to gather the data needed to fine tune to the tool and glean the insights that are certain to come.

Go ahead and do the Hotel Hustle and see which hotels it suggests for your next trip.

Yeah, you heard me … do the hustle:

Read the thread in its entirety to see how others are using it and follow the bug squashing as it happens: Hotel Hustle: The Hotel Award Search Tool

Image by Joe Loong. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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