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Sit On It

Financial experts recommend that people live on their expected retirement budget for a year or so before actually retiring to find out if their budget estimates are realistic. Applying that theory to international airline travel, perhaps prior to booking a ticket in economy class you would be well advised to find a chair that is…

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Perhaps They Should Change Their Name to “Best Eastern”

Most U.S. travelers would say Best Western hotels aren’t anything to write home about. I disagree. Only problem is, the letter would begin…”You won’t believe the craphole I’m staying in”. But several Milepoint members point out that the chain actually has some pretty decent properties in Asian and European countries. Even taking that into account…

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If This Doesn’t Make You Want to Take an Amazon River Trip

Both Milepoint and FlyerTalk have always amazed me in that someone can ask for advice about a very specific trip idea, say “Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil by boat. Then later, Manaus to Belem with a stop over at Santarem and few days in Alter do Chao.“, and within a very short time receive a reply that makes me also want to take this…

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