Windowed and Aisled To Death

When I worked on one of the concerns we had was that, as the airlines were moving to preferred economy seating it was becoming less clear if any of the non-preferred seats (read: seats you didn’t have to pay extra for) held any actual advantage over another.

Now it appears SAS is taking that one step further – charging passengers extra for window and aisle seats.

FetePerfection perfectly sums up how many passengers no doubt feel about such a change:

Perhaps there should be charges for restroom usage, the air we breath, the order we get off the plane, tray table usage and of course, the overhead bins…I see it coming.

Let’s face it, the airlines aren’t stupid … they’re just greedy. They probably saw sites like SeatGuru, and to a lesser extent SeatExpert, and saw there was a demand these sites were meeting. Passengers are clearly interested in getting the best seat they possibly can for their long plane rides. Rather than offer a similar service as these seat search sites, the airlines are using that information to determine which seats can demand a higher price.

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