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From Pudding to Tacos and Cats – How the Mileage Shopping Deal Continues to Live On

Most every frequent flyer has heard of the Pudding Guy – the infamous David Phillips whose mileage earning exploits were portrayed by Adam Sandler in “Punch Drunk Love.” But have you heard of Australia’s the Taco Cat Guy?

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Just Imagine the Outcry if this Thread Were Highlighted on CNN

If a major news outlet decides to do a piece based on this thread, those of you traveling in first might get even dirtier looks from the economy-class passengers as they make their way past you while you are sipping what they can only imagine is a “free” pre-departure drink that costs more than their entire ticket.

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“I Didn’t Know Diamond Status Allows You To Act Like an Entitled Douche”

elite status

Read any story published on a national news outlet about frequent flyers and you will invariably see commenters expressing their disgust at “entitled” frequent flyers who feel like they deserve “free” upgrades. What the non-frequent flyers don’t understand is that most frequent flyers don’t particularly care for the entitled types either

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