Hyatt Andaz Maui Sunsets Diamond Breakfast Benefit

A few days ago a ThreadTripping reader, DavidLAX, suggested that I “take a peek at the Andaz Maui thread and the freak outs over the Diamond breakfast – a great read.”

What can I say except, ‘Thank you David – you weren’t kidding.’

It seems that a couple of weeks ago the Hyatt Andaz Maui implemented a change to the breakfast option available to Diamond members, as first reported by damanjeff6 in post #1142 of this mega hotel review thread:

I was notified that the Diamond Breakfast benefit at the Ka’ana Kitchen is changing starting tomorrow (8/24/14). Don’t know the details yet but our server said Diamonds will only get access to part of the buffet.

Soon enough others followed with the gory details.

I am at ka’ana kitchen having breakfast. The diamond breakfast has been nuked. They basically split the buffet into two buffets hot/cold. The diamond breakfast includes the cold portion and an additional $17 for the hot. ~zzrayzz

I’m here too. … the pantry breakfast buffet does have a hot egg dish (pre done with sausage etc already in it). That said, it is very confusing especially since they still let you order side items (eggs to order, bacon, sausage) for no additional charge (for Diamonds anyways). Excluded from the pantry breakfast (part of the experience – full buffet breakfast) are the omelette station, bacon, sausage, some fritter type things, the juice bar. ~peteropny

It’s also probably only a matter of time before they get rid of the side item ordering or this current change makes no sense. That has to cost the hotel more money than offering the whole buffet. ~spgplat21

Perhaps seeing that this change, which Hyatt management probably never expected to motivate such a passioned response, was trending in a bad direction, Hyatt’s official representative on FlyerTalk – Gold Passport Concierge – jumped into the conversation to clear things up:

I just wanted to post some clarification on the Diamond Breakfast. Andaz Maui at Wailea offering for our Diamond members includes the following for breakfast: fresh breads and bakeries, smoked fish, sliced meats, fresh fruit & berries, yogurt panna cotta, oatmeal, a daily hot egg dish, and a variety of other daily offerings. In addition, our Diamond members will also include one side item from the a la carte menu (such as Bacon or chicken Sausage) and a choice of orange juice, apple juice, or Passion-Orange-Guava and freshly brewed coffee.

Shockingly, this didn’t quell the criticisms.

Theories abound as to why the Hyatt Andaz Maui would make this change:

  • Were too many “fake Diamonds” (i.e., people who only earned Diamond status through credit card signups and challenges) abusing the side order option, and thus ruined it for the “real” Diamonds? – a particularly drama-filled and entertaining line of inquiry.
  • Was the ridiculously generous breakfast benefit just a short term ploy designed to generate great early reviews for the hotel? – not a half bad idea actually.
  • Is Hyatt simply being health conscious and trying to get people to eat more fruit?

Ok, that last one was just a test to see if you are still reading.

Read the thread, beginning at post #1142: Andaz Maui REVIEW – MASTER THREAD

Image by Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures. CC BY-ND 2.0


  1. Not surprised at all. We stayed there in May and had a really awesome time. Because we were a “fake Diamond” as you point out, we scored about $800 in free breakfast. No way this could help Hyatt’s margins if everyone did this over time. The breakfast was among the best I have ever had as it was. But, even with the modification implemented, you aren’t going to walk way hungry or disappointed. The food is amazing!

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