Just Imagine the Outcry if this Thread Were Highlighted on CNN

As if many less-than-frequent-travelers don’t think the frequent flying bunch is elitest enough already, howtofreetravel has to go and post this question on FlyerTalk:

What’s the most expensive alcohol you can get in the air?

And with that we are off to the glorying-in-excess races:

Based on Singapore prices the most expensive bottle I’ve been served in the air is 2000 DP Rose ~SIA747Megatop

Korean air serves free Johnny walker blue on the a380 first class on board lounge. It is 170$ a 750 ml bottle ~smith80678

Champagne Salon on JAL has to be up there. ~Gunner14

To which EuropeanPete replies:

That’s the most expensive that I’ve seen. $300USD+ at retail

Oh boy, let’s just hope this conversation stays on the down low. If CNN, or any other major news outlet, decides to do a piece based on this thread, well, I’m sure we can all just imagine what the comments section would read like. And those of you traveling in first might get some even dirtier looks from the economy-class passengers as they make their way past you while you are sipping what they can only imagine is a “free” pre-departure drink that costs more than their entire ticket.

Then again, you just gotta love this quote from tropicaliceberg:

I feel like this thread deserves to have a sister threaded called “which airline serves the most expensive caviar?”

Read the thread in its entirety: Most expensive alcohol you can get in the air?

Image: “Drinking Dom Perignon” by Sarah Ackerman. CC BY 2.0.


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