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“Regular kid-loud” Too Much for Some Passengers

I’m not a big fan of traveling on an airplane on which are also traveling children. But I understand that traveling with the little ones isn’t easy for the parents either … even though it is their fault that we are all on the airplane, and the earth for that matter, with these dirty little rugrats.

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From Sucky to Suckier – Intra-European Business Class

British Airways announced some time back that it was reconfiguring its Club Europe (aka European Business Class) seats to remove 4″ of legroom, “without compromising space or comfort”. Rather a miraculous accomplishment if it is to be believed. Of course, it is not.

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Just Imagine the Outcry if this Thread Were Highlighted on CNN

If a major news outlet decides to do a piece based on this thread, those of you traveling in first might get even dirtier looks from the economy-class passengers as they make their way past you while you are sipping what they can only imagine is a “free” pre-departure drink that costs more than their entire ticket.

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