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“Best Rate Guarantees” Judged Misleading and Unscrupulous – Part 2

Though “Best Rate Guarantees” offered by hotels and online booking sites are, in effect, deceptive marketing practices it does happen that they are occasionally honored. To give yourself a better chance of receiving the guaranteed benefit, fellow travelers suggest the following approaches.

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“Best Rate Guarantees” Judged Misleading and Unscrupulous – Part 1

U.S. District Judge Jane J. Boyle has ruled on the subject of hotel Best Rate Guarantees that, “it is not in the public’s best interest to allow unscrupulously misleading advertisements made for commercial gain.” Find out what this means, and why you still see the guarantees.

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Economics of Air Travel Catching Up to Pilots

Which requires more skill, safely piloting a regional puddle jumper, mostly manually and at low altitude, or flying a jumbo 747 transatlantic from London to New York City? Following the recent Air France pilot strike, members on the Business Traveller forums engage in a fascinating discussion about the value of pilots, and their short- and…

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