An Australian Trip Report That Won’t Be To Everyone’s Taste

When a trip report begins by explaining that the trip being reported on was made possible because the reporter sued an airline for compensation and won, well, you know you are in for a different kind of trip report.

And, depending on your perspective, kraven doesn’t disappoint.

This report on his whirlwind trip from Frankfurt to Australia is replete with commentary you aren’t likely to find in the run-of-the-mill report. Commentary like:

There are just a few things which are worse than the Holocaust. One of them is the food offering at the Iberia lounge in FRA.

I had my exit row on the 380 with legroom as huge as the appetite of a Somalian toddler

Beside me some Yorkshire retiree sat down and impounded 120% of my armrest. So, whats the solution? Some farts now and then will eventually be released in his direction to keep him away

And when describing how he converted an empty row into “the First class of the poor man”:

a quick warning for the average ‘murican: The armrest won’t go up completely. So if your bmi is more than average you’ll eventually be having some problems.

In short, if you are easily offended then this report might not be to your liking.

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for something a bit different and a bit controversial then you are encouraged to click right in. And put aside the political incorrectness of it all and you will also find some really good information about lounges in Madrid, Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne – as well as some of the interesting sites to take in along the way.

And kraven’s photos are great too. Just a few examples:

Butterfly garden at Singapore's Changi Airport

Butterfly garden at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Australian trip report

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australian trip report

The O-Bahn in Adelaide

Enjoy the trip report in its entirety: Complimentary Jetlag Express To Down Under

All images courtesy of kraven.


  1. “There are just a few things which are worse than the Holocaust. One of them is the food offering at the Iberia lounge in FRA.”

    This guy sounds like a clueless dick.

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