Week in Review: Whale Watching at the Gate, Loyalty and $40 Will Get You a Better Seat, and Pre-flight Body Counts

1. What Do the 99% Flyers Think of the 1% Flyers?

When the average passenger on a United airlines flight watches a United Global Services member walk past everyone else up to the front of the line, what do they think?

2. It Seems Airlines Believe Loyal Customers Are Unprofitable Customers

When an airline provides perks to passengers who have paid a small fee, but deny the same perks to elite members of its frequent flyer program that tells me they don’t value loyal flyers very highly.

3. Colder Than Cold: Virgin’s Pre-flight Announcements

Is anyone else bothered and/or amused at Virgin’s habit of announcing a specific count of passengers and crew before taking off?

 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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