A Very Appealing Flight Attendant Recruiting Video

While being a flight attendant might not be perceived as glamorous a position as it once was, there are still no shortage of people – young people especially – who desire this job.

But why? Why would so many want a job that doesn’t pay all that well, and in which they have to put up with unruly and entitled passengers, and increasingly hostile management?

Over on the CabinCrew forums bwollacott offers answers to these questions in the form of a “compilation video of bits and bobs that I have taken down route to show people what crewlife can be like.”


Great video Ben; where do I apply? 🙂

And for all of you frequent flyers out there who aren’t flight attendants, the CabinCrew forums provide some really interesting insights into the questions, concerns and experiences crew members have. No doubt perusing them will make you a better passenger by helping you to understand why the crew does what they do.

And that’s where I found the link to this video – specifically in this thread: Crewlife Video

Shenzhen airlines flight crew end of shift” by Chris. CC BY-NC 2.0.

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