Return to Tajikistan – A Trip Report

It isn’t every day that you come across a trip report describing a motorcycle adventure across the wilds of Tajikistan. And we are fortunate indeed that the person who wrote this report – Mara Luchezarny – is an excellent reporter, and an even better photographer.

What’s more, this trip represented somewhat of a homecoming for him as:

I left the region in my teenage years. Before that, we lived in the Murgab kishlak (Village) of Nagorny Badaqshan, the heart of Pamir (1987- 88-89). It’s been a long time

The photos Mara shares are truly spectacular. From stunningingly out-of-place gated “city” entrances, to beautiful mountain lakes with marijuana growing in them, to unbelievably bleak, Mars-like landscapes – this report is a feast for the eyes.

And Mara doesn’t forget to capture the people either – many of whom are so eager to be a part of his photographic collection that when assisting him they refuse payment and require to be included in a photograph instead.

But enough build-up. This is really a report that you have to see for yourself to appreciate.

Read and view this amazing trip report in its entirety: Mysteries of the Pamir

Pamir Highway – Tajikistan” by lee hughes. CC BY 2.0.


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