Frequent Flyers Uncover Hidden Elite Levels

Do you hold the highest elite status in one, or many, frequent flyer programs?

If so, are you sure about that?

Frequent flyers in this thread on Milepoint share their experiences, and the services they enjoy, as members of various invite-only levels. And some of the benefits are really pretty amazing.

Recently, for example, I changed to an overbooked domestic flight two hours before flight time and still was still upgraded to F at the gate about the time boarding began. I have no idea how that happened since F checking in full, allegedly. ~jbcarioca

A few times DL has gone way above and beyond for me, including once last year keeping a lounge open late by about six hours (to midnight) for about five of us when my flight was badly delayed. ~MSPeconomist

jbcarioca’s experience is certainly interesting. Might help explain why people are involuntarily downgraded from first- and business-class on occasion.

Another interesting line of thought coming out of this discussion is the possibility that programs might have undisclosed levels-within-levels, and so even members who maintain the same status might not necessarily receive the same treatment.

one of the GS reps went so far as to tell me that there is GS and then there is GS and that they make efforts to differentiate even within the tier. ~Wandering Aramean

I am a longtime DL PM yet I have received service not unlike Delta 360 … A station manager once told me there was a special notation in my (Deltamatic? DL-Net?) profile that they could see. … I had one TATL flight where the purser said the crew had received an email to make sure I had a good flight. … I am not sure how much more I could expect from an airline – perhaps my head would start spinning. ~jackplum

Clearly this is a question that we need to put our collective minds to and resolve.

Are there levels within levels? Have you had any experiences, insights, or discussions with airline or hotel employees that would lead you to believe they don’t treat everyone with the same status identically?

And if you have ever enjoyed invite-only elite status, what were some of the best perks you received?

Read the thread in its entirety: Ultra-Elite Programs: what is your experience?

North Korea – Airport officier” by Roman Harak. CC BY-SA 2.0.


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