Are Those Avios Program Comparison Charts on the British Airways Tails?

About a month or so back several miles and points bloggers wrote opinions and analysis about the announced changes to the British Airways Avios program. And there was some really good commentary in it all. I particularly liked Travel Summary’s assessment of the pros and cons of the changes.

But just a few days ago FlyerTalk’s Sixth Freedom devised his own unique analysis of the Avios situation that takes a different, and very interesting perspective.

Rather than study the new and old award charts and present a host of hypothetical travel scenarios and how the changes would impact earning and redemption on those scenarios, Sixth Freedom asks himself how he:

would have been impacted over five years had the recent Executive Club changes taken effect on 1st January 2008.

Fortunately, Sixth Freedom is fastidious in his record keeping and so was able to chart his actual travel results against mock travel results based on the announced Avios changes.

And when I say “chart” I’m not using the word casually – he actually created a chart showing the actual vs. mock discrepancies in Avios points balances.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise findings so you will have to click through to read his conclusions. As Sixth Freedom would be quick to state though, these findings are unique to his travel patterns. In fact, a little further down the thread snuffi performs a similar analysis and comes to a much different conclusion.

Read the thread in its entirety: Analysis – impact of Avios changes over a five year period, the counterfactual case

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