Qatar’s Business Class Might Just Be Better Than Other Airline’s First Class

ExecPlatAA recently flew from Dallas to Mumbai, with a changeover in Doha, in Qatar’s business class and summed up the experience in one word – “Superb!”.

Well, ok, he actually used a few more words than that:

In my 15 years of top tier business travel, this business class experience stood out as the best. Right from the pre departure drinks service to the excellent restaurant style (and quality) meals, to the amenities on board (excellent Ferragamo and Armani kits, mattress pads, duvets, pyjamas, superb chamapgnes – Billecart and Tattinger Rose) to the crew and the world class new loungs at Hamad – this was an experience! …


I simply cannot imagine what they can do to improve/one-up this experience

And this is before Qatar has introduced their much-anticipated double beds in business class – as reported by fellow BoardingArea bloggers The Wandering Aramean and One Mile at a Time. And ExecPlatAA didn’t even fly on the A380 – just a regular old Boeing 777.

As this discussion is taking place on the Business Traveller forums, many members of which are regular British Airways flyers, some couldn’t help but compare Qatar’s business class to BA’s first class offering.

I usually travel BA CW but Qatar Business certainly felt more like flying BA First. ~LucaForna

I think this was one of my best flight ever. In comparison to BA First, I maybe felt a little more pampered and I do really like the service on BA but all in all they are pretty similar and if you consider the price then QR wins easily. ~norvagabond

you cannot compare QR Business to BA First….QR Business is infinitely better!!! 🙂 ~openfly

Those are quite the unsolicited endorsements for Qatar business class. Then again, not all of the commenters on the thread are as enamored with Qatar.

Why not? You’re going to have to click through to the discussion to find out – but I’ll give you a hint, it’s an issue many airlines struggle with.

Read the thread in its entirety: Qatar Airways business class – wow!

Qatar Airways 777-300er Business Class” by Chris Hoare. CC BY 2.0.

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