Cuba Very Accommodating To Americans Who Don’t Even Know They Are American Yet

In case you have been living under a rock for the past several weeks, you will be interested to hear that Cuba is more accessible to Americans than it has been in several decades (oh, and a new word has been added to the English language – “Deflategate” – look it up.). And unlike fellow BoardingArea blogger Gary Leff, who is evidently being stalked and hunted by a US Attorney for money laundering ;), many Americans are chomping at the bit to get down there before all of the 50’s era automobiles are gone.

linatravels is one such American, and is planning on taking along with her her spouse and 1.5-yr-old child. Though the child is already quite the globetrotter, having enjoyed excursions abroad to Europe and Hawaii, linatravels is nevertheless concerned that Cuba might present a different kind of challenge altogether.

Other, presumably slightly more aged travelers, quickly put that notion to rest and offer some great advice to anyone of any age who might be considering a trip to the now-on-limits isle.

With a baby, you might not want to rent an independent and self-contained apartment in Havana. … Supermarkets as you know them, do not exist. It’s easily five hours of shopping with a lot of transfers to different locations far from each other just to shop for a simple meal for three people containing meat, vegetables and something to drink with that.


For a less stressful five days in Havana stay at a casa particular with Cuban hosts who can make your meals.


…most casas work like small hotels/B&B’s, so just like at a hotel children are completely welcome. ~dontomas


You’ll be amaze how children-friendly Cubans are… Go to a casa, they’ll find anything you and your toddler will need (if available). ~caney2

So there you have it. Cubans love kids and detest supermarkets.

Hmmm, aside from the kids part I could be Cuban.

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Che Statue at Santa Clara PCC_Cuba 239” by James Emery. CC BY 2.0.

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