Be Forewarned: This Is Certain To Bump Antarctica Higher Up Your “Must-Visit” List

A very big “Thank You” to Sydney91105 for bumping a TripAdvisor thread with updated information about PBS’s broadcast yesterday of “Penguin Post Office”:

Penguin Post Office follows the daily lives of the gentoos as they find their mates, build their nests and raise their young. Also featured are interviews with members of the small group of volunteers from the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust who run the remote British outpost.

The episode (nearly an hour in length, so bookmark it for when you have a bit of time to watch) is offered in Hi Def via streaming on the PBS website.

It is absolutely worth a watch – whether you have been, want to go, or only dream of going someday. As Michigan_Chipshot so well put it:

Delightful memory for some.


Coming attraction for others.


Both for a lucky few.

port lockroy, antarctica” by Christopher Michel. CC BY 2.0.

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