Warsaw in Winter – Stop Drinking, Set the Gun Down and Explore a Little

Prepare yourself for an unlikely tale of hope, of inspiration, and of almost limitless possibilities.

Why “unlikely”? Because it’s based in Warsaw – in January – where KarenFilappelli now finds herself:

I have just moved to Warsaw, Poland and I am pretty disappointed – weather is depressing. Could you cheer me up and tell me something nice about this country?

The first couple of her TravBuddies who respond make a valiant attempt at suggestions, but frankly were likely only successful in deepening her depression.

It’s winter in Central Europe- it’s going to be depressing for a while!…


Gdansk is a Baltic sea port (and likely unbelievably cold this time of year). It’s home to an absolutely beautiful waterfront including a huge historic crane (niche interest but pretty) ~sarahelaine


I’ve been to Warsaw three times, and I liked the mall where the Hard Rock Cafe is located and the food. Otherwise, I remember some big TV tower as a landmark. ~rmsmed87

A crane, a Hard Rock Cafe and a big TV tower? All nearby? Get outta here. Karen must be thinking she has stepped into a some sort of magical dreamland. A little bit of heaven right here on Earth.

But as more replies roll in, it turns out that she does, in fact, find herself in a location that while at first glance might seem depressing is actually rife with spectacular things to do and see.

Close to the centre of Warsaw there is the Palace of Culture. Worth a quick look if you are into Soviet era gifts to the Polish people … Right next door is the Zloty Terasy (Golden Terraces) shopping mall. … In there is a gym (Platinum Fitness) you can pay a crazy low amount (about 15 zloty IIRC) and enjoy a work out looking out over the city and Palace of Culture. Best of all, there are heated pools and saunas….


From the old town it is a 15 minute walk / 5 minute tram ride across the river to Praga. … If it is a clear day, with fresh snow, a walk in the park near the zoo is good too with the bare, black trees set against the white snow. ~Lupobianco

Torun well worth a day trip from Warsaw. Apart from being a very nice town, it is where Copernicus was from. ~fransglobal

Between Wroclaw and Krakow there is city called “Opole” its nice and worth visiting, they renovated the old town. ~Polh

I’d add a visit to Malbork Castle to the list. It is the largest brick castle in Europe and after 80% was destroyed in WW2 has been fully restored. ~Mofra

And the suggestions just keep rolling in. So much so that Karen is now becoming overwhelmed with places to visit and things to do – and the thread contains a whole host of other sites that should be visited once the weather turns nicer.

Good work everyone on coming to Karen’s rescue. And for producing a great thread for anyone who might one day be considering a trip to Warsaw and the surrounding area – no matter what time of year.

Read the thread in its entirety: Poland – places worth visiting

Pałac Kultury i Nauki / Palace of Culture and Science” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. CC BY-ND 2.0.

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