Buy One BMW, Get a Trip to Europe Free

If you just so happen to be planning a trip to Europe und you also just so happen to be in the market for a new car you might want to consider following the lead of Art234 and pull the plug on a BMW European Delivery.

If it sounds extravagant that’s because it is. But maybe not quite as extravagant as you would think. According to BMW’s site, choosing the European Delivery option can save you anywhere from $2K-$8K+ off the cost of your car – money that can be used for your travels through Europe. In Art234’s case,

it’s just almost $4K less when you do European delivery…not sure why, but you get a whopping discount to pick it up over there, and they still ship it here free.

This is starting to sound like a commercial for BMW (nope, I’m not making any commission), but it really does sound like a pretty darn good deal – and BMW has even¬†prepared some driving¬†itineraries that sound pretty cool.

And if nothing else, it might just be the leverage you need to convince your significant other that that BMW you’ve been wanting might be the right choice after all.

Image: “Neuschwanstein Castle” by Tomcio77. CC BY-SA 2.0.


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