A Clean, Well-Lighted Plane

When you enter an aircraft, one thought you absolutely do not want to have is, “boy, this airplane sure looks run down.” It’s like going to a restaurant and being seated at a table with a dirty tablecloth. It’s only natural to think, “if this is what the seating area looks like, I’d hate to see the kitchen/engine.”

What you want to see is an impeccably maintained aircraft, inside and out. What you want to see, at least according to JohnHarper, is a KLM aircraft.

While admittedly paying very little attention in a meeting recently conducted at Schipol Airport, Mr. Harper observed several airplanes coming and going and the KLM aircraft stood out in a refreshing way.

What did strike me without exception was the absolutely pristine appearance of aircraft operated by KLM. The dominant blue could so easily fade but every example I saw including the ones I travelled there and back on looked factory fresh.

Other posters tend to agree. And MarcusUK even extends the praise to the entire nationality:

The Dutch are quite a fastidious and organised Nation, people’s homes are also pretty tidy…

Clearly Marcus is no relation to Nigel Powers, who so famously said:

There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.

Have you noticed one airline to be particularly cleaner than the others? Are there any airlines you tend to avoid due to their general lack of cleanliness?

Image by Arpingstone. Public Domain.

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