Anyone Been to Yemen Recently?

Reason #46 why you absolutely have to love online forums that cater to world travelers – where else will you find someone post, without a touch of wryness, “Anyone been to Yemen recently?

And if the matter-of-factness of Cessna152’s question weren’t entertaining enough, bluebeatle ups the ante by replying:

Hi, I am in Yemen now.

To be fair, I’m writing this from the perspective of an American, so the tone of the conversation probably strikes me in a much different way than it would, say, a Saudi, or in this case a Brit. Still, some free advice to whomever is in charge at the Yemen Tourism Bureau – you might want to jump in and comment on this rare opportunity of a thread.

What about you? Have you been to Yemen? Would you go back? Are you there now?

Image: “Wadi Dhar” by Raphael Fauveau. CC BY 3.0.

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