The Coolest Flight Numbers for Sports Fans

As I typed the title to this thread I thought to myself, “Here we go again … another thread about cool flight numbers.”

Seriously, who cares about flight numbers, right? Sure, they’re necessary to make the whole airline travel thing go, and sometimes they are useful to know when you want to know the type of aircraft you are likely to be flying on. But other than that, meh.

But then this thread comes along and flips the flight numbers script.

If you are a sports fan, and in particular if you are a sports fan who flies United regularly, you might find yourself checking flight numbers more often upon reading this thread as this knowledge could lead to some interesting celebrity spotting possibilities.

And the classic quote from the thread comes from Skiff in reference to the flight number typically reserved for a team famous for all the wrong reasons:

“You’d think the Cubs flights would be 1908.”

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