How to Survive an Airline Crash

Ok, that title might be a bit misleading. In point of fact, I can’t actually offer a surefire way to survive an airline crash and neither can any of the posters in this thread about watching the safety presentation.

Some of the posters however – corporate-wage-slave and greg5 to name two – allude to research that suggests passengers who pay attention to the safety instructions might actually increase their odds of survival. The percentage increase is quite possibly infinitesimally small, but interesting nonetheless.

Makes you wonder too, how many people who seem to be paying attention are really only feigning attention out of politeness to the flight attendants. And some are no doubt paying more attention the flight attendant him or herself than the actual content of the presentation.

Either way, it’s an interesting conversation. For my part, I will probably continue to feign interest and take my chances.

Image: “Airplane safety card” by Joel Franusic. CC BY-SA 2.0.



  1. The plan I’m sticking with is (drumroll) select a seat no farther than 5 rows from exit, feign interest, take my chances.

    I’ve read in the past that some research actually gives very improved odds for the seat assignment strategy…and research is never wrong you know.

    Question to Mikel; Why isn’t there a logon for subscribers? so we can comment without entering our info each time? Inquiring minds need to know.

  2. Readers, I would like to introduce you to my mom. It was comforting to know when I launched this blog that I would always have at least 1 regular reader :). Thanks mom!

    I’m still deciding on the comments functionality. There are a ton of commenting options for WordPress. In the end, I expect I’ll probably be tempted by a different option. Definitely want to make it as easy to participate in the discussion as possible.

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