Stranded in Paradise

As many of us in the U.S. are freezing our proverbial butts off, the thought of being “stranded” in Barbados doesn’t sound like such a bad predicament to be in. This is precisely the situation some travelers currently find themselves in due to the blizzard conditions in the northeast. But for every silver lining there is a dark cloud.

What could possibly be bad about being stranded at a tropical resort you ask?

  • Paying hotel rack rates for the extra days.
  • Convincing your boss you really do¬†want to come back to work, it’s just that the airlines won’t let you leave the pool.
  • The off chance you actually need to get back home for some reason.

Ok, still not as bad as being stranded in the Brazilian rainforest with no food, water or hope of rescue. Heck, it might not even be as bad as being stuck in a house with your extended family for an entire week arguing about whose version of the past is more accurate (a scenario with which many of us might have very recent familiarity), but sure, a few extra days in Barbados has some potential downsides.

Even so, as I watch the snow outside move from 8″ to 9″ I’m having a difficult time finding sympathy in my heart for the poor souls.

Image: “Paradise – Bocas del drago” by Marissa Strniste. CC BY 2.0.

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