Starwood Teaches Kids Valuable Life Lessons

You book a hotel room and pay a rate that includes breakfast for two at the hotel restaurant. Because you hold elite status with the hotel, you also are entitled to two breakfast vouchers when you stay at the hotel. So, you, your spouse and your two kids stay at the hotel and everyone’s breakfast is paid for, right?

That’s what travelswithmyself thought, and that’s the way it had worked out on several previous trips. But not this one. On this trip the hotel staff said if the kids want to eat, the kids got to pay.

There’s no such thing as a free breakfast kids. Rules are made to be followed. Always read the fine print. Oh, and your parents are not the most powerful beings in the universe.

travelswithmyself’s best guess as to the reason for this rule enforcement is that the kids weren’t included on the reservation. They were, however, “declared” at check-in.

Somewhat oddly, this discussion has proven as polarizing as Duck Dynasty. Evidently you either sympathize with travelswithmyself’s predicament, or you believe a caning for violating Starwood Preferred Guest’s Terms and Conditions is in order.

At minimum, I think we can all agree that travelswithmyself made a poor choice when choosing a screen name.

Image: “Mr Breakfast” by Bjorn. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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