Five Pounds Worth of Security

If you have traveled enough, it has happened to you. A knock at your hotel door, immediately followed by the sound of a key in the door. And before you even have to time to shout out, “I swear I must have accidentally pressed the wrong button on the remote,” you are eye-to-eye with a surprisingly shocked room attendant. I say “surprisingly shocked” because this must happen to them at least 5-10 times a day.

Well fret no more perverts and women traveling alone, for now there is a little plastic door locker you can take with you for protection and privacy wherever you may go.

Please do not consider this post an endorsement, as I have not actually tried the How Sar lock. Still some TripAdvisors seem to like it. I was particularly amused by SilverFox Travel‘s endorsement in reply to another poster who expressed concern about removing the lock in an emergency:

The Howsar lock is made of plastic so you would be able to break it in an emergency.

Security indeed.

Still, if nothing else I might purchase one for use when staying with my mother. What is it about mom’s that no matter how loud you yell, “Someone’s in here!” they are completely deaf to it?

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