Not Plane, Nor Bird, Nor Even Frog…

What’s that, up in the air at about 30,000 feet? Inside that shiny metal tube and surrounded by 100-200 human strangers.

Why, it’s FamilyDog!

The question is, who needs rescuing – Polly Purebread or her fellow passengers who are engaged in various stages of sneezing and ear plug manufacturing?¬†As a pet owner like Christnp2, I understand the desire not to stow your beloved family member in a cargo bin. Wouldn’t it be so much better to enjoy the flight side-by-foot – you partaking in IFE and Fido enjoying some T-R-E-A-T-S.

Which leads me to share one of “Mikel’s Valuable Life Lessons”…

Mikel’s Valuable Life Lesson #264:

Hope for the best and plan for the worst (what, you’ve heard that one before?)

Doing otherwise leads to road rage, unfair divorce settlements and, worst of all, airplanes FULL OF BARKING DOGS AND SNEEZING HUMANS!¬†Having said that, do you think it’s true that anyone can pick up a service animal license for $25? And the obvious follow-up question – could a ferret be considered a service animal? Perhaps for a person who has difficulty burrowing or stinking?

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