The Super Bowl Ad That Had To Have Been Written By a Frequent Flyer

When I saw the Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl featuring the guy in the aisle seat doing whatever it took to control the empty middle seat I thought to myself, “This had to be written by a Southwest Airlines frequent flyer.”

Well, I’m not sure if director Scott Zabielski is a Southwest flyer, but I was interested to learn today that the airing of this commercial during the Super Bowl was the result of him winning a Doritos contest. In case you missed it, here’s the commercial:

How cool is that? And those are some great ideas for preserving that empty middle seat – here’s a link to a book we all might find useful for our next flight.

Congratulations Scott – for what it’s worth, that was my favorite commercial shown during the game. Evidently, in addition to having his commercial aired during the Super Bowl, Scott also won $1 million and a dream job at Universal Studios.

So Scott, seriously, please share with all of us in the comments section below which of the travel forums you participate on and what your usernames are. Because there is no way you aren’t a frequent traveler.

And everyone else, would you/have you used any of these tactics?

Image provided by Doritos.



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