Carnival’s Super Bowl Ad: Beautiful, Boring, or Boorish?

Sticking with my apparent theme of the day – travel-related Super Bowl commercials – it’s interesting to see the mixed reactions to the Carnival Cruise Lines commercial.

In case you didn’t watch the game and missed the commercial in question:

Our resident BoardingArea cruising expert, Marshall Jackson of MJ on Travel, describes the ad as:

an awesome Super Bowl ad for a frequent floating football fanatic to watch!!!

But the commercial seems to be oddly polarizing over on the Cruise Critic forums.

Carnival Cruise Line really chose that commercial for the Super Bowl?!?! Wow, snoozer! Boring! ~stargate fan

Seroiusly, they took my drink coupon away to buy time for that commercial? ~Bobby_Mac

I have a deep love for the ocean. It’s where I feel most at peace and at home. I loved the commercial…almost teared up. ~Ariel0185

The spot aimed higher than the young booze n cruise, inked up crowd which is a definite plus. On the other hand, that demo is the future, so take that with a grain of your blood or on the water…or on my margarita. ~zephyrhillscruisers

it was visually stunning. No stress on the party atmosphere shipboard, no getting any class conscious shots of attire on formal night. Just beautiful ships at sea. I think it was a positive impact commercial. How many times has ‘taking a cruise’ even been featured in a Super Bowl ad?? Maybe Disney Cruise Lines. ~kelleherdl

I think it is kind of tacky to use our martyred President to sell a product. ~Himself

Interestingly, though I didn’t select any quotes on the matter, there is evidently some hullabaloo surrounding this ad and the religious angle, i.e., evolution vs. creationism. I wonder if that’s perceived as a good thing or a bad thing back at Carnival headquarters.

What did you think of the Carnival commercial? Awesome? Snoozefest? Heretical?

Or were you like me and just thought the scene at the end with all of the ships was pretty cool?

Read Marshall’s post and the two Cruise Critic threads from which I pulled the quotes in their entirety:
Come Back to the Sea – Super Bowl 49
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So JFK works for Carnival Corp now?

legend” by Jimmy theSuperStar. CC BY-ND 2.0.


  1. I loved that commercial as it reminded me that we once had a President who could read, write and speak with eloquence.

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