Regarding Hotels, Are You Hip or Are You Square?

Over on Milepoint travelers are discussing and voting on whether they prefer design/boutique hotels over more traditional hotels.

Very few votes have been cast so far, but at this early stage it appears traditional hotels are winning.

It’s an interesting discussion and poll idea, but frankly I chose to highlight this thread for one reason, and one reason only … because I absolutely love this post by 365RoadWarrior:

rain shower = early check out. I really can’t think of any other thing in a hotel room that would have this effect (setting aside noise, smell and light issues). Sleep on the floor? Sure. Bugs, spiders and ants? No big deal. Rain shower? Bye.


I’m not into anything that doesn’t directly lead to a good sleep and easy necessities (hygiene, dressing). I don’t spend any time in a hotel room. Either I’m working (100+ hours a week) or I’m on leisure…in which case I damn well better be doing something better than sitting in my room.


So don’t give me a room with some complex appliance where there should be a clock radio, a sculpture where I want to find a desk, or a museum-piece toilet.

Classic. So simple, yet so true and a point so often missed by “hip” hotel designers.

Read the thread in its entirety and place your vote: Design hotels: do you like them?

And just for fun, enjoy this classic from Huey Lewis and the News

Cool Corner Room” by Matt_Weibo. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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