or Norwegian.yes?

We’ve all heard the old saying, “if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

Ok, fine. But those Norwegian Air ticket prices from the US to Europe still look awfully tempting. Could it be that they are the exception to the rule?

That’s what CindyP over on the Slow Travel Talk forums wants to know:

Has anyone flown Norwegian Air from US to Europe lately? Their prices are very good from JFK to Rome. I did a search and found only people talking about the prices, no one who had actually used them.

At this point in the discussion not one Slow Travel Talk member has been able to provide a first-hand account, though a couple of fellow travelers have read some not-so-great things about the airline.

The one downside I can see is that most of their flights I believe are to Oslo first and then you get your connection from there. So there could be a danger of missing your connection and then have your trip timetable thrown off. ~take your time

one complaint that I’ve seen is that they don’t have backup planes in case of mechanical problems and won’t endorse you to other airlines, so a cancellation would be a big deal. ~Andrew

Given the low fares Norwegian Air offers it’s a bit surprising that no one in the Slow Travel Talk community has yet been able to provide a trip report. If you have flown Norwegian Air, especially if you have taken the JFK to Rome flight, please post your experience on Slow Travel Talk, or in the comments section below if you aren’t a member of that community and for whatever reason don’t feel like joining right now.

I’m sure CindyP would appreciate it.

And Cindy, you might want to check out this thread on FlyerTalk for some more insight.

Read the thread in its entirety: Any recent experience w TransAtlantic Norwegian Air flts?

Norwegian Air” by karendesuyo. CC BY 2.0.


  1. Last time I flew Norwegian Air was from Edinburgh to Copenhagen and they were fine. I wouldn’t mind taking Norwegian (or Air Berlin) from the US to Europe, especially if they competed directly with any Delta routes.

  2. My wife and I flew Norwegian from Copenhagen to JFK in August and enjoyed the flight in “basic economy”. We could not beat the price. We also used them for a one-way flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Oslo, which was a pretty empty flight for only $40 each that we paid. It is a great deal if you don’t require checked bags.

  3. I flew rt from JFK to Copenhagen on Norwegian this winter. Agreed that if you don’t have checked bags and bring your own food, you really can’t beat the price! The aircraft and level of service were better than what I’ve experienced on North American carriers, though not quite up to international standards. I would fly with them again.

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