Given the Obstacles It’s Amazing We Travel At All

Let’s face it, few of us have enough time or money to travel as much as we would like. But take away those two inhibitors and what else would prevent you from visiting every locale on your bucket list?

donotmisslist asked a similar question on the Fodor’s forums and received some interesting responses.

my obstacle which is… (drumroll, please!)…pets. We have a great pet sitter, and trust her wholeheartedly, but because of our pets we could not in good conscience leave for more than 2, perhaps 3, weeks at a time, even if we were both to retire. ~NewbE

My husband doesn’t like to travel ~Hobbert

one other situation that might dissuade a person from traveling, at least for a short period, is experiencing a “super fabulous” trip. … two years ago we did a 6 weeks driving trip through New Zealand which was by far the best trip we had ever taken and for the next year or so we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to finalize plans for another trip mainly because we the ideas and places we came up with never seemed to be as good as the New Zealand trip ~RoamsAround

We have elderly parents (multiple cancer survivors) and I am the only local kid left to pitch in if they need help. ~Kandace_York

We really love being “there” (wherever “there” is)) but in the last few years we hate getting “there.” Flying used to be somewhat comfortable and somewhat fun. in the last few years flying is a challenge. ~TPAYT

While time and money are without a doubt the two biggest factors, pets seems to come in a distant but clear third. Clearly there is a problem here that kennels and pet sitters aren’t adequately solving. I’m envisioning a Kickstarter campaign to work on android replicas that would allow people to physically be with their pets while at the same time being on vacation.

Just a thought. Please cut me some slack … I’m writing this before having my second cup of coffee.

It’s an interesting discussion. And I was particularly fascinated by RoamsAround’s answer re: the trip of a lifetime creating a fall off in travel.

Read the thread in its entirety: What’s stopping you from traveling more?

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