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I have to hand it to Ashray and Zara who write the Backpack Me blog for putting together the most mouth-watering post I have ever read.

And by “read” I mean I scrolled up and down looking at all of the fantastic food pictures and only briefly scanned the words.

Ashray and Zara asked travel bloggers to recommend their favorite street foods by country, and what a list they came up with.

  • Tacos al Pastor in Mexico
  • Banh Mi in Vietnam
  • Yogurt Soup in Iran
  • Pastelillos in Puerto Rico
  • Momos in Nepal

And the list goes on and on. Still, as extensive as this list is – 36 countries and food options are represented – travelers posting in the comments section on the blog and in the Lonely Planet forums where I first stumbled across this post have a few of their own to add.

We’d add souvlakia from Cyprus to this list – pork cooked on skewers, served in pitta bread with salad and a dressing made from tahini. YUMMY. ~Andrea Anastasiou

One that stands out in my mind (next to the ones mentioned) was pad thai in Thailand. ~marinightravel

My best street food that comes to mind is Trinidad and Tobago. Doubles and Roti and Bake n Shark. with hot sauces and kuchela etc.. ~marichel1981

Warning: This post and the related discussions will cause you to seriously consider booking a trip based on the street food alone – especially if you read this right before lunch.

Read the post and discussions in their entirety:
STREET FOOD from around the globe

And in case you’re interested, Lonely Planet is offering 30% off print guides, ebooks and PDF chapters, including it’s “The World’s Best Street Foods” book (yep, this is an affiliate link and I will earn some money if you click on it and buy the book).

I [cart] street food” by Erin Stevenson O’Connor. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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