Napcabs vs Lounges

Suzy Strutner of The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about a new concept being tested at the Munich airport – Napcabs.

Evidently, for about $12-$18 an hour you can purchase time in the Napcab, which is a very small, private room decked out with:

luggage storage, a bed and a small workspace. …


In the four-square-meter sanctuary known as a Napcab, you’ll find Internet access, real bed linens, an iPod dock and music and videos. There’s even an alarm clock to wake you up for your flight.

Suzy seems to believe Napcabs are the greatest invention since airport lounges and that we will soon see them in every major airport. The commenters on the article, however, take no time intentionally and unintentionally poking holes in the concept.

What I want to know is do they have someone who cleans it between uses? ~Nicole Streeter

Do I have to allow my husband and kids in their with me or is it ok to lock them out? ~Valerie Marsh Fenimore

This is better than the no tell motels that charge by the hour. Good for a quickie between flights. ~Walt Harkness

I must admit, I was onboard with Suzy’s assessment until Walt put that image in my mind. I would have to be pretty strongly convinced as to the thoroughness of the cleaning now before I would swipe my credit card and hop into a Napcab.

Still, it seems like an interesting idea. What do you think? Would you pay for a few hours in a Napcab on a long layover? If your frequent flyer program offered the choice of lounge access or Napcab access, which would you choose?

Read the article and comments in its entirety: ‘Napcab’ Napping Pods Are The Most Genius Way To Survive The Airport

A punt per una becaina @napcabs” by Daniel GarcĂ­a Peris. CC BY-ND 2.0.


  1. I am confident that there are arrangements for cleaning between use. I have spent enough time watching the crews clean pay lavs in certain german speaking countries.
    In any event, who cleans the airline seat or lounge seat you spend time in?
    As an often solo traveler, I really appreciate being able to lock up my carry on and not worry.

  2. @charles
    You are right. napcabs are cleaned and sheets are changed after every customer as well as a new complimentary bottle of water can be found by next guest.

  3. I’m liking the sounds of these, particularly if it is obvious that they are well cleaned. @joerg, is there an attendant that stays nearby, on duty?

  4. @Joerg – How do the attendants know when someone has left and that they need to go change the bedding before someone else arrives?

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