Low Cost Carriers Best Load More Fuel If This Policy Is Enacted

It seems that Lucky’s influence might be even greater than we all knew.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lucky (aka Ben Schlappig), he is the author of the immensely popular One Mile at a Time blog. And in addition to his wit, charm, and boyish good looks, he is also known for his first-class travels and reviews.

And based on the latest news out of NATS (National Air Traffic Services), Lucky is clearly close, personal friends with NATS chief executive, Richard Deakin. How do I know this? Because Mr. Deakin has suggested that, due to technical advances in air control systems, air traffic controllers could soon begin prioritizing landings based on factors other than first come, first served.

The commercial applications become obvious – tiered or premium services, giving priority to frequent flyers, loyal customers and high-value customers

…And highly influential bloggers who fly first class – BWAHAHAHA (he didn’t say it, but it was obviously implied).

Deakins tempered this one-percenter statement with other ideas as to how the technology could be used – prioritizing flights on which lots of passengers might be in danger of missing connections, for instance. But let’s face it, he and his BFF Lucky are already making plans to let easyJet and Ryanair circle for hours waiting their turn while the big boys with the full upper-class cabins pop open one more bottle of Krug as they jump to the front of the line.

Judging by the comments sections on some of the articles reporting this story, we might have another French Revolution on our hands.

Comments from the Daily Mail:

Maybe they can land nose first too. ~Say what

How much is Richard Deakin’s house worth? ~Damage

That would mean a Ryan Air flight from Manchester to Dublin, leaving tonight would land some time in the 24th century ~Donnylad

Comments from Aol:

Us cattle class should stop travelling for a while to see how long these airlines survive! ~celia

Ah, the ‘Rich-Poor’ divide is probably just about to get wider!! ~zakdoberman

quite right….thats why we pay extra….it’s an option. ~malcknowles

How are you liking economy now Gary?

What do you, my gentle and frequently traveling in first-class on an award readers think about this? As part of the one-percenter traveling crowd, is this a good thing? What’s the big problem anyway? Why can’t easyJet and Ryanair passengers be satisfied eating their cake while they wait to land?

PS – I’m just poking fun at Lucky here obviously. In all likelihood, he probably had hardly any input into this decision.

Chania Airport NASA” by Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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