Week in Review: The Immorality of Corporate Rates, Destination Hotels, and Appreciating the Complexity of Frequent Flyer Programs

1. Is It Necessarily Immoral to Use Corporate Rates Unethically?

Have you used corporate rates “inappropriately” when booking hotels? And, if so, how did it work out … and did you/do you feel morally deficient?

2. This Hotel is Fantastic; Where Are We?

Have you ever selected a destination based primarily on wanting to stay at a particular hotel? Whether because the hotel received glowing reviews, because someone recommended it, or just because it sounded cool to you?

3. Would Frequent Flyer Programs That “Just Work” Ruin Everything?

Do frequent flyer programs need to evolve with the times and become simpler, more intuitive? Or would doing so necessarily remove most of the value of the programs for the truly frequent traveler?

 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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