This Hotel is Fantastic; Where Are We?

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted a thread on the City-Data forums in which travelers were discussing how they choose a hotel. I found the discussion interesting not only because of the useful information being shared, but also because it shone a light on how non-points-obsessed travelers approach hotel selection differently than, say, a traveler who might find him/herself reading a BoardingArea blog.

But no one in that thread, nor in my wildest imagination, would choose a hotel in the way Milepoint member estnet does:

If you have high status at some chains you get spoiled with benefits sometimes….so have you ever chosen to visit a city because of a hotel? Not particularly talking about exotic/aspirational properties, just sort of normal


I was recently in Vietnam and chose to go to a different beach town than I originally planned because of great reviews that a Starwood hotel received. Turns out I didn’t like the town so much, but the hotel is one of the best I’ve visited.


So…am I crazy or do others make similar choices?

A trip to Houston for the nice Hilton? Milwaukee to stay at the Marriott?

Yeah, sounds sort of crazy to me. But based on other replies in the thread, it seems I am probably in the minority.

I once went to the IC Porto mostly because the hotel had a good reputation and I wanted to get out of Lisbon for couple days ~jonspencer

I’ve stayed a few hotels in a nearby area because of reviews or trip reports. I do have a couple on my bucket list based on reviews I’ve seen from others. ~daninstl

I was going to reply “What, are you crazy?!?”


And then I remembered that I went to the Hyatt in Hua Hin, Thailand, because it was a cheap award stay, they had just announced a devaluation, and I wanted to spend a relaxing week at a warm sunny beach in comfort without being particularly concerned about the location. ~HaveMilesWillTravel

Ok fine HaveMilesWillTravel, if you’re going to get all reasonable about it I suppose if I put just a little thought into it I too have to admit that I once visited a place primarily to experience the accommodations. It was a Nguluko Guesthouse in Yuhu village, China. I stayed there with my mother, who said it was a “must visit”. And she was right. I highly recommend it – perhaps even as an early retirement option.

So maybe estnet isn’t so crazy after all (or maybe I am also crazy – shudder to think).

Have you ever selected a destination based primarily on wanting to stay at a particular hotel? Whether because the hotel received glowing reviews, because someone recommended it, or just because it sounded cool to you?

Read the thread in its entirety: Did you ever travel to a city just because a hotel got good reviews?

The Antlers, Absolutely Modern” by Alan. CC BY 2.0.


  1. When Radisson Blu Beke (Budapest) was a category 1 we decided to add a week in Eastern Europe into our trip specifically because the hotel was cheap and In a good location.

    Also, once when Club Carlson had their Big Night Giveaway, me and my S.O. flew to Mall of America area to finish the promotion at the only Park Plaza location in the US. I guess I’m not sure if that counts as going out of your way for the hotel or for the promotion though 😉

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