I Got 49 Problems But Greece Ain’t One

Greece has been a bit under the gun the last several years. But financial difficulties aside, Greece is still clearly a country with a lot going for it.

In fact, Greece has at least 49 things going for it according to BuzzFeed’s Alexander Besant. And as good as this pictorial homage to Greece is (Alexander really does highlight some stunning photographs of Greece), the commenters make it clear that to limit Greece’s charms to 49 is to do Greece an injustice.

I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the afternoon siestas and how it’s rude to call or visit anyone from 2-5pm. ~Emily Sunshine

my biggest regret is not including Nikos Kazantzakis. ~Alexander Besant

the hospitality of the people we met was second to none – One of these moments was on a week day morning when we drove into a small village with only about 10 houses on the island of Crete, we stopped to get directions and got invited to have lunch with one of the families. The BEST roast pork I have ever eaton. ~Paddy Mulligan

what about Mistra? What about Osios Loukas? What about all tiny churches (post byzantine) in Pindo mountains? ~Eloise Auf

Then again, anywherebuthere1 from over on the TravBuddy forums (where I initially stumbled across a reference to this BuzzFeed article) has a slightly different take on the overall theme of the sentiment toward Greece:

Racism is one extreme and I think this is the other side of the same stick. Generalising in a positive light is still generalising lol.

But even he has to admit:

Having said that, this is definitely one of the places I’d love to visit!

What is your take on Greece? Is it as good as all that, or does the hype overwhelm the reality?

Read the BuzzFeed article and comments, and the related TravBuddy thread in their entirety: 49 Reasons To Love Greece and Why Greece is proud Country?

Image: “Oia, Santorini: Blue Hour” by Pedro Szekely. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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