Take a Round-the-World Photo Safari

In my opinion, some of the best threads over on Milepoint are the photo sharing threads.

When we launched Milepoint, members immediately appreciated how the Xenforo community software handled and displayed images – which at the time was quite a step forward over other community software platforms. In fact, we were so excited about the feature I even created a tutorial video about it.

I don’t recommend watching it unless you are really bored, or really enjoy Kermit-the-Frog impersonations. Yes, that’s me narrating.

Still, what developed out of this feature were a host of terrific “discussion” threads, the primary purpose of which is to share photos taken at locales throughout the world, such as this one:

Kauai – the Garden Island – share and enjoy photos of this beautiful place

As I am currently dreaming of a vacation to Kauai, this thread has become one of my favorites. But it is just one of many, and I’m sure there are probably more than a couple you could lose yourself in as well:

California – Share your photos!
Wyoming: Share your Photos!
Iceland: Share your photos
Saint Petersburg – Share your photos of the “Venice of the North”
Phuket – share your photos of Jewel of the Andaman

That is just a small sampling of the photo threads on Milepoint. To find more use the Milepoint search feature and search for the words “share” and “photos” in the thread title.

Of course, you can find collections of photos of each of these places on Pinterest and elsewhere, but I find these photo threads more interesting generally because they are fantastic and “real”. They are all taken by real people, real travelers – and don’t include any professional marketing/tourism shots.

If you love trip reports with lots of great photos, you will love these threads.

Image: “Everyone needs a getaway” by Kenny Louie. CC BY 2.0.

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