Video Review: British Airways Club World Sleeper Service

In this video review of British Airway’s Club World sleeper service on the Washington D.C. to London route, NiceTravelAdventures does a superb job of combining still images, video, concise captioning and very relaxing music to provide a thorough look at the pros and cons of the service.

And on this thread NiceTravelAdventures provides a bit more insight into the trip.

If you don’t have time right at this moment to watch the video or read the thread, the gist of the review is that BA’s in-flight product is where their competitive advantage resides, but the lack of food in the lounge pre-flight and the cramming of passengers into busses post-flight left a bitter taste overall. Several other travelers share their opinions about the sleeper service – particularly as they relate to the cons:

the service here is an absolute disgrace. And this from what should be a flagship route too. How difficult is it to check your loads and ensure you have enough food in the lounge for your high yield customers? ~superchris

I have thought about taking a NYC – London sleeper service, but you have confirmed my fears of the limited food service. Based on your review I will avoid it. ~Slotski

Flight from IAD should surely have docked at a jetway/gate, with premium pax disembarking first. Remote stand with late arrival of the busses is not acceptable. Far worse is the ground agents cramming people on to bus, with no doubt a mix of pax from all cabins jammed together ~ViajeroUK

Frankly, having flown on a different route, but still from the U.S. to London on an overnight in Club World, I am in general agreement with others who are less than thrilled with the service and product. While the center seats are nice for a couple traveling together, and we didn’t have to suffer busses upon arrival, the pre-flight and in-flight service just generally came across as lackluster. So much so that I felt the return in World Traveller Plus was actually an upgrade in experience.

Have you partaken of BA’s Club World sleeper service? And, if so, what was your experience?

Read the thread in its entirety: Video Review: British Airways Club World Sleeper Service

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