The Easiest Travel Decision a Husband Will Ever Make

The use of the word “decision” in the title is actually a bit mis-leading. You see, scoopie – the soon-to-be-husband – doesn’t have a travel decision to make at all.

What he has is a life lesson that needs to be learned.

scoopie readily admits that he is not an experienced world traveler. In fact, he has yet to leave the U.S. His bride-to-be on the other hand has seen much of the world – having spent considerable time in Thailand, Japan, Africa and Europe.

So, for their honeymoon scoopie’s fiance has expressed a strong desire to visit Italy. But scoopie, well, he isn’t so sure:

…to me (here’s the ignorance,) Italy seems very one-note. By that I mean, Old buildings, beautiful architecture, charming streets, wine, and then some bread and cheese (clearly, a sarcastic summary.)


I was hoping for more of a Crystal beach on day 1. Hiking to a volcano or a waterfall on day 2, amazing architecture on day 3, deep sea fishing on day 4. and then some bread and cheese.

scoopie, scoopie, scoopie – What are we going to do with you?

Fortunately, he’s a good sport and sincerely open to suggestions. And I say “fortunately” because he receives no shortage of advice:

You obviously need marriage advice, not travel advice. Happy wife = happy family. Let her pick your honeymoon destination. You will survive Italy like the millions before you. ~Dayenu

I would suggest the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, or just Sicily if you only have a couple of weeks. That will get you a volcano, two if you do the AC, great food, loads of history including some of the best mosaics and Greek ruins (Sicily) and Roman ruins (Pompeii and Herculaneum) anywhere. ~thursdaysd

She wants Italy, go to Italy! This is about the easiest question I’ve ever read on this forum (lol)! ~suze

…listen to those who say give the wife what she wants. … one of the best things about my DH is that he travels mostly based on my wishes. I always try to make part of the trip about him, like choosing a couple of things I know he loves, like nights in a castle or climbing a volcano.


The funny thing is, he often most likes the things he would not have chosen. He resisted Turkey (which is now his favorite country) and the expense of a hot air balloon flight (which is his favorite experience). …┬áTraveling with him is the best part of our 47 year marriage because it is one time I always get what I want and I love him for that. ~Sassafrass

What began as a travel question might very well have resulted in scoopie receiving advice that won’t just serve him well on this trip – but for the next 47+ years as well.

Read the thread in its entirety: my travel ignorance

Image: “under the rain” by Roberto Trm. CC BY 2.0.

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